Jen Taylor Friedman (hatam_soferet) wrote,
Jen Taylor Friedman

cheers, federal regulators

Times this morning:

As the nation’s obesity crisis continues unabated, federal regulators on Monday issued their bluntest nutrition advice to date: drink water instead of sugary drinks like soda, fill your plate with fruits and vegetables and cut down on processed foods filled with sodium, fat or sugar.

This makes me so angry. How about federal regulators quit subsidising corn, which is used to make CHEAP SUGAR and CHEAP MEAT, and start subsidising vegetables? How about adjusting rental laws so that landlords have to provide fridges and cookers so that low-income renters can actually produce and store that unprocessed food? How about they investigate what's in the water, so that people don't drink so many hormones and carcinogens?

Yes, I admit it's an advance on "Eat more lean meats like chicken," but it's not THAT much of an advance.
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