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I'm trying to develop the habit of anti-grumbling. This is an anti-grumble about AT&T's customer web interface. [ETA: Yes, really! I wasn't being sarcastic!]

It is pretty damn good.

Right now I am happy because I have two phones, and I wish to move my contacts from phone A to phone B. Moving contacts isn't something I do much, so I am looking for the manuals.

Well, the site has a .com/copycontacts. It knows what model phone I have, so when I say Copy From, it gives me all the options but puts my phone at the top of the list as the most likely. That is Good Design.

Then I told it what my new phone is, and it gives you the choice of the available methods - sim card, bluetooth and so on. You choose. Then it brings up the appropriate instructions, with model-specific pictures and everything. One nice neat Copy From tab, one nice neat Copy To tab, all dead smooth and easy.

AT&T get cookies.

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