Jen Taylor Friedman (hatam_soferet) wrote,
Jen Taylor Friedman

Having received an unexpected bill from the doctor's office, I gathered my metaphorical spoons, girded my metaphorical loins, and telephoned the insurance company.

Well, let the record show that:
* the phone was answered at once
* the person on the other end wasn't in a bad temper
* and communicated clearly, without using insurerspeke
* they agreed it wasn't my problem
* and are not denying payment
* it's just that the doctor's billing cycle and the insurance's paying cycle don't quite match up
* so it's okay
* and she didn't make like I was a fool for not knowing that already.

Thanks, universe!

Matzah, crucially, has HOLES in it. That means when you make pizza you must grease the sheet, even if you don't normally, because the sauce will go through the holes and glue the pizza to the sheet.

Having peeled it off the sheet and got it onto the fish-slice (note bits of tinfoil still glued to pizza), I then dropped it. Still, it tastes good (when you spit out the tinfoil). Mushrooms & courgettes.

matzah pizza fail

Also, it gets really hot on my dining table. I am captivated by the pretty way the butter doesn't dribble out of the dish:

melted butter
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