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handwriting over time

Purim's sort of my soffering anniversary. Five years since Megillah 1, now.

I'm putting in some pictures of my writing in the years between. This is almost certainly only of interest to calligraphy geeks, so I'm putting it under a cut.

They all clicky through to a bigger chunk of text.

my handwriting
Autumn 05. This is Hadar's megillah, I think. I didn't go to Hadar this year, where I could have heard a reading from one of my megillot. Went to the local shul instead, where the reading was from one of my megillot...

my handwriting
Autumn 06, early Torah. All these pictures are pre-proofreading, by the way. If you see mistakes, don't worry, they almost certainly got fixed.

my handwriting
Spring 07, later in the same Torah. I now like chunky letters, it seems.

my handwriting
Summer 08, towards the end of Torah 2

my handwriting
Spring 09, another megillah. This is me trying a completely different writing style. You can do that on a megillah, they're short, so if you don't like it you're not stuck for a whole year doing it.

(Oh look, there's a mistake right in the thumbnail. I *would* do that, wouldn't I. Oh well.)

It's a lot more nineteenth-century than my usual. It's quite pretty, but I think not the easiest ever to read?
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