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Jen Taylor Friedman

My Shabbat had a lot of this sort of thing:

because there is a lovely trinkling stream about three minutes down the road from here, with pretty woodsy banks, and trees, and ducks, and beautiful sunshine and cool breezes, and lovely oak trees in abundance, and weeping willows and ducks and green grass, which is a nice place to be on a Shabbat afternoon.

My favourite thing about ducks is the way they float - so much better than e.g. seagulls which just sort of sit in the water. My second-favourite thing about ducks is the tails on mallard drakes - that awesome curly bit:

(pic from

and, we (me, my sister, her boyfriend) found a curly mallard tail feather!!!

it's properly curly, and shiny bluey-purple. Too awesome.

N.B. No I do not take photographs on Shabbat. Work it out for yourselves.
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