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Jen Taylor Friedman
How to Make Your Very Own Omer Counter 
23rd-Apr-2008 02:29 pm
shiny jen
But it's not the usual kind of Omer counter. No, with this counter you'll never forget to count the Omer again, because this one's got chocolate.

You will need: kosher-for-Pesach choccies, tissue paper, yarn, scissors, pen.*

Cut squares of tissue paper. I'm using purple over white here. Of course you could also use wrapping paper, fabric, foil, whatever takes your fancy.

Scrunch the paper up around the choccy and tie it with yarn. You can't really see the colours so well in the photo - sorry; I've got a nice layered purple-and-white look going, by having the inside square, the purple one, be slightly bigger than the white outside one.

Write the numbers 1-49 on the bottoms of the choccy packages, and use the yarn ties to attach them to one long piece of yarn. You could make it more fun (for kids, naturally - right?) by doing them out of order, and/or by having different sorts of choccies in the packages. Or little toys.

Then hang it on the wall. It ends up being pretty long, so you might have to loop it festively over something.

Starting at the second seder, after dark each night, count the Omer (helpful chart) and eat your choccy.

And remember to brush your teeth before going to bed.

* Strictly speaking, I suppose only the first seven choccies need to be kosher for Pesach, as long as the rest don't contain actual chametz. But if you've bought a whole package of Pesach candies, what are you going to do with the rest of them?
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