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Jen Taylor Friedman
I did it! I wrote a Torah. 
5th-Sep-2007 11:03 pm
shiny jen


I've written a whole Torah.*

Owing to logistics, the last few words I wrote today were these:

לא בשמים הוא לאמר מי יעלה לנו השמימה ויקחה לנו וישמענו אתה ונעשנה ולא מעבר לים הוא לאמר מי יעבר לנו אל עבר הים ויקחה לנו

That is: It is not in the heavens, so that you should say, Who will ascend to the heavens and fetch it for us, so that we can hear and act upon it? And it is not over the sea, so that you should say, Who will cross for us to the land beyond and fetch it for us...

I think that's a beautiful way to end a process which gets one about as close to the Torah as it's possible to get. And I didn't even plan it that way!

* well, 99.99% because of the 12 words I'm saving for the siyum, but you're allowed to round up when it's that small.
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