Jen Taylor Friedman (hatam_soferet) wrote,
Jen Taylor Friedman

I'm back from my UK retreat, everyone! Back in da Bronx.

I've lost my voice (temporarily, I hope), so I'm whispering, and confusing people on the phone. I'm going to write out some cards before Shabbat: I've Lost My Voice; Shabbat shalom (for going to the Conservative shul in the morning); Good Shabbos (for going to the Orthodox shul tonight); I had a lovely trip, thanks; It's lovely to see you, how are you doing? and any others which may occur to me between now and sundown.

After one goes on dangerous journeys (in which we include flying, although perhaps superflously given that flying's pretty safe these days) there's a blessing one says during the next available public Torah reading: essentially Thanks for getting me out of that one alive, God! and the congregation responds Yay, many happy returns!, more or less. Making this blessing is sometimes known as benshing gomel. I need to bensh gomel tomorrow, but it's going to be very weird if I have to do it in a whisper. The congregation aren't going to have a clue what's going on, cos they won't be able to hear me. This should be fun!
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