Jen Taylor Friedman (hatam_soferet) wrote,
Jen Taylor Friedman

I spent a golden weekend in Cambridge (Cambs, UK, not MA) with my best friends in the world ever. livredor, pseudomonas, darcydodo and I have been the Brotherhood since college, sharing more or less everything between us in some way or another. This weekend livredor came back from Sweden, pseudomonas was in Cambridge anyway, I came up on the bus, and we phoned darcydodo on account of her being in California.

Since we left college and beastly geography got in the way, livredor and pseudomonas and I haven't been together very much. This weekend we did fun things - we had ice-cream and tea and cherries and shabbat and went punting and walking and to the botanical gardens and to the second-hand bookshop and on a picnic, and saw lots of people, lethargic_man particularly and many others, but we were together, and that's worth all of the above and then some. The few days a year we have together stand out from all other days as bright, beautiful times with the friends who know me best and whom I love most.
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