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Jen Taylor Friedman
Pleasing photo of awesome pleasingness 
2nd-Aug-2010 10:08 pm
shiny jen
(Now on BoingBoing, thanks Aharon!)

Snapped this afternoon downtown.

In words:

There's this enormous cave in Mexico, and visitmexico.com is encouraging you to visit Mexico by having a life-size poster of the cave on the side of a Manhattan skyscraper.

In the picture are people on ropes, being lowered into the cave.

This afternoon I saw the workers putting the poster up. They're on a gantry, on ropes, being lowered over the poster.

So the small things on ropes that look like cave-descenders are in the poster, and the small things on a gantry that look like workers are in my photograph, and it pleases me immensely that I saw it in that stage.
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