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Jen Taylor Friedman
IMDB.com: made of FAIL 
23rd-Sep-2008 10:59 pm
shiny jen
I haven't had a TV in ten years, and I've never really watched American TV. But I had ironing and no Netflik, so I went to watch a Simpsons episode on imdb.com.

Brought to us by some deodorant brand. I admit to being almost unbelievably insulated from more or less all forms of media, by the way. But is this the sort of thing people are feeding on all the time? I mean...first there are intense women telling me that one in four women sweat more than average. (Math is hard, right?)

Well. Apparently having moisture under the arms is a vile, shameful, sinful thing, that will terminate your career and send you, a gibbering harridan, to an early grave. Thank goodness I saw this commercial, eh?

Fortunately, this particular brand gives us Prescription Strength Protection, Without A Prescription! So you are not only repellent and vile, but if you have wet under your arms you are sick, you're abnormal and gross, you're probably infectious and you're certainly not acceptable, and not only you but the rest of society must be Protected from whatever toxic slime is seeping from your foul body.

I really really hope there's another Simpsons episode sponsored by a similar product for men, because if this was just another subtle indicator that women aren't human beings but should in fact be flawless and santitised tupperwares in which you may at will place your sausage, I'd be really upset.

But I'm not going to be watching 'em to find out, thanks.
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